Workshop China-România, 22 noiembrie 2011



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 „China-România: The Development of the Bilateral Economic Relations under the Impact of the Financial Crisis”

Date: Tuesday, November, the 22th, 2011

11.00 – 13.00

Venue: The Academy House, The Institute for World Economy,

The Council Room

11.00:  Welcome and Introduction

Welcoming Speech – Dr. Simona Moagăr-Poladian, Director of the Institute for World Economy (IWE)

11.15– 13.30: Oral presentations and debates on: The economic evolutions of China and Romania between 2008-2011 – commonalities and specificities, trends and perspectives; the impact of the financial crisis; prospects for bilateral cooperation.

Participants in debates:

• Professor dr. Li Ping, director general of the Institute of Quantitative & Technical Economics (IQTE), under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Beijing;

• Dr. Liu Xiangli, Senior research Fellow with the Institute for Industrial Economics (IIE), under CASS, Beijing;

• Dr.Simona Moagăr-Poladian, director of the Institute for World Economy (IWE), the Romanian Academy (RA), Bucharest;

• Professor Dr. Virginia Campeanu, Senior Researcher I, chief of department, IWE;

• Dr.Sarmiza Pencea,Senior Researcher  I, coordinator of the China research team in the Institute for World Economy (IWE), of the Romanian Academy (RA), Bucharest;

• Dr. Iulia Monica Oehler Şincai, Senior Researcher  III, with the Institute for World Economy (IWE), under the Romanian Academy (RA), Bucharest;

• Dr. Ecaterina Stanculescu, Senior researcher I, IWE;

• Dr. Andreea Dragoi, Senior researcher III, IWE;

• Drd. Ionela Băltăţescu, Senior researcher III, IWE;

• Drd. Cristina Bâlgăr, Senior researcher III, IWE;