The Journal of Global Economics (ISSN: 2066-7795) is a periodical publication of the Institute for World Economy of the Romanian Academy that broadcasts the results of studies performed in the research programs undertaken by the Institute under the Academy endorsement. Simultaneously, the journal brings to the attention of its readers analysis and opinions of specialists in world economy study, both from the IWE and outside it, regarding the current economic phenomena from world economy, with the resorts that put these phenomena into movement, their current developments, prospects and predictable impact on the Romanian and regional economy, suggesting solutions, economic policy measures and strategies.


Indexed in: RePEcOAJI and NOS

ISSN: 2343-9521   ISSN-L: 2066-7795

 Therefore, the Journal of Global Economics is intended as a platform for debates on the current themes of great interest, which intends to train as many specialists as possible in an effort to understand, explain and solve the great challenges which must be faced by Romania, the European Union and the entire world.