Founded in the year 1968, the International Market bulletin is a publication of tradition for the IWE. Designed as a weekly publication, it gathers the most recent and relevant synthesis of the global economic conjuncture, the developments recorded in the major markets and commodity exchanges, currency markets, and also in different economic sectors.

Structured in two distinct parts, each number of this publication captures and summarizes:

     -in the first part – the actual and future situation of the global economic conjuncture, as it results from annual, bi-annual and quarterly Reports of the IMF, OECD, European Commission, WTO, UNCTAD, etc. (developments on countries and groups of countries, analysis of the macroeconomic key indicators, tendencies of international trade and investments flows, sector analysis);

    -in the second part – weekly developments of the international markets and global stock markets for the main commodity groups: oil, natural gas, petroleum products, agrifood products, agricultural fibers, tendencies registered on the international markets of non-ferrous and precious metals. Also, the conjectural synthesis provides information regarding the development of currency markets (daily exchange rates, term rates and interest rates on the euro-currency market).

Weekly conjectural synthesis