Euroinfo is a monthly publication edited by specialists in the European affairs field, addressed to the authorities, universities and experts involved in the integration process of Romania in the European Union (EU), contributing to a better understanding of the realities and mechanisms of the European integration.


Euroinfo is indexed in DRJI, ARINOS.

ISSN: 1582-9723

Euroinfo collection selects the newest evolutions on institutional, economic, trade and common policies of the Union, thus contributing to a better informing for those involved in the European integration process and, also, to the training of Romanian businessmen that enter into the competition on the single intern market.

In short articles, but also in synthesis and commentaries, the authors approach phenomena, processes and recent events from the following fields:

– EU Institutions

– Economic conjuncture of EU, Eurozone and the member states

– European Union expansion

– The single internal market and the competition policy

– Developments in the field of various common policies of EU

– Economic and foreign trade relations of EU

– International statistics

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