We have the great honor to invite you to attend the sessions of the reflection group “GLOBAL – 3G”: REPOSITIONING THE ECONOMIC ACTORS IN GLOBALIZATION, THE GEOSTRATEGIC AND GEOPOLITIC IMPACT, organized by the Scientific Council of the IWE.

The debates, although are intended to be periodical, are scheduled and based on the possibility of having a main guest with a personal, interesting and personal contribution, about the basic theme of “GLOBAL – 3G” due to the purpose and benefits which the debates in this format have for the individual culture and professional research approach and for the participants.

We confess that we would be honored by your presence and involvement in the comments and “Q & A” sessions, which would make a sustained value, apart, to our general approach. We wish that the personal benefit of each researcher of the IWE to be reflected upon the research activity from our institute. We would like to answer, in turn, through “GLOBAL – 3G” activities, to the post-crisis challenges of globalization, by:

·         Focalizing the research themes on the most actual subjects and implications;

·         Orientating the detailed themes of the studies on the most relevant phenomena from world economy, of practical interest and which are relevant for Romania;

·         Developing the spirit of observation, analysis and synthesis of major trends that reconfigure the global world and, also, the international markets;

·         Developing specialized communication for young researchers;

·         Increasing the visibility and utility of the research activity in the decisional field.

For a proper organization of “GLOBAL – 3G” reunions and for the selection of the main guests/referents, please notify us through e-mail, at daniel.bulin@yahoo.com, your interest in participating, stating your name, surname and your field of expertise within your institution.

With consideration,

GLOBAL – 3G Secretariat