2014 THEME: Repositioning Economic Actors in Globalization. Geopolitical and Geostrategic Impact

Created by the Scientific Council of the Institute for World Economy decision in December 2013, the Reflection Group “GLOBAL – 3G” has started its works in January 2014. “GLOBAL-3G” initiative enrolls in the continuous steps of the IWE for improvement of methodology and quality of profile research, to answer the challenges of post economic and financial crisis faced by the global economy. Moreover, we believe this to be the main object of study of our institute. 

Recent researches developed within the IWE confirm, as many other researches in the country and abroad, the increasing speed of geo-economics, geopolitical and geostrategic (3G) world changes, foreshadowing, as an effect of the most profound/deepest economic crisis, a new paradigm in economic growth and a new international order. “GLOBAL – 3G”, in addition to the individual study of the researchers, will invite specialists with expertise in various fields, answering to the need for complex and multidisciplinary knowledge of repositioning the economic actors in a globalized world. Although the debates within “GLOBAL – 3G” are opened, they are conducted mainly under the rules/guidelines of Chatham House, their purpose being to exchange opinions and personal ideas which inspire orientation or deepening landmarks of participants’ approaches.

The benefits of “GLOBAL – 3G” meetings for the IWE’s research activity are based on:

     -Focusing the research themes on the most attractive subjects and challenges;

     -Orientating the detailed themes on the most relevant phenomena from world economy, of practical interest and which are relevant for Romania;

     -Developing the spirit of observation, analysis and synthesis of major tendencies that can reconfigure the global world and also the international markets;

     -Development of specialized communication for young researchers;

     -Increasing the visibility and utility of the research activity in the decisional field.


Contact point for “GLOBAL – 3G”, e-mail: daniel.bulin@yahoo.com